44.4 °F

About This Weather Station

Observations are powered by a WeatherFlow Tempest station

Welcome to Vargo Family Weather!

This website is automatically updated in real time (about every 3 seconds) with weather observations from a WeatherFlow Tempest personal weather station located in Hoffman Estates, IL. Weather data is locally sent via UDP and read by weewx on a Raspbery Pi to get archive data and the live website feeds. The weather station has no moving parts, solar powered, and wireless. It provides the following readings:

  • Light Sensor - Ambient, UV Index, Solar Radiation
  • Haptic Rain Sensor - Onset, Duration, Intensity, Accumulation
  • Sonic Wind Sensor - Speed, Direction, 3 second intervals
  • Pressure Sensor - Station, Sea Level
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Lightning - Strikes, Distance

Additional observations here are done in weewx, it validates data and stores locally and publishes to various cloud services.

Natively the Tempest will send it's observation's to WeatherFlow's servers where they can correct for other anomalies such as wind and rain false readings. WeatherFlow provides every owner with a portal to view their weather data but having weewx gives me more options on how to consume weather data.

I also publish my data to these sites: